You have a history, you are not your history 


We all have deeply ingrained habits, the result of a lifetime of experiences. They are mostly invisible to us, operating without conscious thought but still shaping how we perceive and respond to situations. Most of our interactions with other people, whether it's colleagues at work or those closest to us in life, fall into this category. It takes conscious effort to recognize when we are repeating a historical pattern with someone. Even when we recognize that, it can be difficult to see how we can challenge that pattern and make a choice that would produce a different result.   


The Taylor Groups's Cultivating Freedom course is about training yourself to recognize when you are acting from your history, and learn how to act from the future you want instead. Through decades of work with hundreds of clients, we have identified simple and effective practices that anyone can use to start achieving those results. Participants in this unique, 6-session course will gain:

  • An understanding of your historical patterns, and how to change them
  • Greater presence and awareness
  • Practices to help shift your mood
  • New ways to respond to challenging situations
Jonathan, a past participant in Cultivating Freedom, had this to say:

To learn more about how Cultivating Freedom can help you gain the insights that so many course participants have gained over the years, leave your name and contact info below. One of our staff will follow up, and you will find value and perspective just from having the conversation with one of our experienced personal development coaches.

Course Details

Thursdays, 8am-10am

Sep 22

Oct 6, 13, 20, 27

Nov 3

Tuition: $1197